Sunday, August 26, 2007

Catalyst V14

This is the starting moves leading up to the crux section. The problem is 9 moves long. I think its about V9 into a 4 move V13


prohutu said...

Hi Chris,

congratulation for Catalyst!!!!!
May I publish this information and pic on I would be great!!!

Dave said...

Hey Chris, well done. I've tried that line years ago and it's very hard indeed.

Also, there's another couple of projects at Crumbly you should try: one of similar difficultly is to the right of Abacus a couple of metres that moves out from under the roof on some flat holds to get a crazy little right hand pinch. It's known as "Double Vision". Check it out next time you're there.

Keep at it!

Duncan said...

Good work lad, wouldnt have happened of course without my superior spotting skills haha :-p

See ya again soon bro :-)

Chris Webb Parsons said...

hey guys first of all to Prohutu you are very welcome to publish this information and pic on

second to dave thanks very much mate and next time im at crumbly i will be sure to check out double vision.

third to duncan thanks for having my back mate and its really good to have you back and climbing mate keep it up

Tim said...

Hey Chris! Awesome stuff. I'll leave it to you and Dave K to explain to me where that one goes? Double Vision is awesome and I think Dave was pretty close to all the moves in his youth/prime :) And there is The Vision which links straight across the middle of the roof from Chaos to Blacker Magic. It is futuristic! In MY prime I could pull on at every move and slap at every hold ... which to us meant it went. We figured about 8 x V12 moves back-2-back. V16+ ??? ... understandably The Vision. Go on ... man up :)