Tuesday, April 22, 2008


After the comp me and dave headed back to chironico.
we arived the day after the world cup to find alot of the blocs were wet wet wet.
i just wanted to try one thing before the weather started to rain down again, and that was The Great Shark Hunt 8B/V13, I had tryed the problem breifly before with Killian and Jorg but walked away as i was really tired. This time the problem was wet so i got my chalk and a towel and tried to dry it as much as i could but it was still wet i had a shot anyway and i fell on the top of the boulder because my hands and feet were slipping so much, but egged on by dave i sat down chalked up my hands and had one more shot and found myself standing on top of the boulder and it was just in time as the heavens opened up and it started to rain again.
We desided to drive to Magic Wood in hope that the weather would be better there but when we arived the weather was even worse so we drove back to Innsbruck to go training and wait till the weekend for the good weather. I am finally starting to feel stronger again after my finger injury so i hope i can climb some cool blocs soon
see ya

world cup in Hall

Well the world cup has been and gone
The first world cup for 2008 was held in Austria, Hall and the turn out was massive.
This was my first world cup and i did not have any idea of how i would go. I did preety shit but when i sat around and watched the other climbers after my rounds i noticed that even some of the best climbers that have stood on a podium in a world cup befor did not even make the semi finals. So even though my result in my first world cup was not the best i know i could do alot better in the future and i have lernt sooo much just from this one comp

Thursday, April 17, 2008

World Cup Tomorrow

Well the First World Cup is tomorrow in Hall Austria.
There is 144 competitors so it should be a huge event.
my finger is well on its way to being strong again but after climbing as much as i can leading up to the comp im still feeling a little sogy so i hope in another 2/3 weeks ill be back to where i was but its all good as im having a good time.
After the comp we will head back to Ticino in switzerland for some fresh blocking.
see ya later aligator

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A wee photo for the kids

shadow fax 8B
photo by Dave Pearson

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In Europe

Magic Boulder in the Zillertal

Cony and Zlu and Dave in the Zillertal

street near our house at 6am due to jet lag

Our flat where we are staying is just behind these building so nice to wake up to mountains

A roof in Innsbruck at 6am

We are finally in Europe. We are living in Innsbruck for one or two months. We went bouldering yesterday to the Zillertal and it was cold cold cold so much snow but im looking out the window right now and the snow is already melting. I climbed my first boulder in Europe for 08 and my first boulder in the Zillertal yesterday it is called schimpansenbaby 8a+/V12 i climbed it pretty fast so that was cool, it is the most amazing bloc really powerfull but tricky aswell. Its raining in Ticino now so we are waiting till the weekend to go and climb some swiss blocs cant wait. I still have one more week untill the first boulder world cup so i better go do some more climbing see ya all.......