Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Wee Bit Of Rock

well i have been Training Training and trying to surf a little on the side, but yesterday i got out on the rock and it was sweet. I went to the front line and did a few easier problems but they felt like they were HARD problems as the weather was so humid. After the Front Line i went to the gym and had a little train. so not much news to report but its Christmas and its hot and it keeps raining just have to keep training for the winter.

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Anneliese und Klaus said...

Salli Chris!

Es heisst eigentlich Schleierwasserfall, so weit ich weiss. Nur damit du dein Deutsch etwas traineren kannst bevor du nach Innsbruck ziehst!

I have to say, it is absolutely unpolite from you that we have to watch a video seeing you how you did the weel. You could have done it while we where watching you. I can't do a V16 but I have red pants :) ha! When you come to Austria (which includes Ticino) I am sure we will find you a V20 or harder, just that you have to stay longer in our beautiful country!
Our climbing reports are now in english (from every country... Lao, Vietnam etc...) check www.apki.blogspot.com Say hello to your better looking wife Teagen ;-)
What do you both think of bouldering in Africa or India? We are there...