Monday, August 4, 2008

Update At Last

Me doing Logical Progression V13 FA. photo Duncan Brown
I have not written for a while but I have been climbing lots. I have been to Nowra for a few days and I climbed some routes that I have always wanted to climb but never got around to doing. They include Still Life With A Chalk Bag (2nd pitch) grade 25/26, Beef Miester grade 32 and a flash of Vehicle Of Hate grade 28. I have also been Bouldering in Bungonia Gorge with a good crew of guys and managed to do a new problem called Steak and chips basically a one move V11. I have been bouldering in Sydney as well and managed to get up a few new lines. On the weekend I went to Crumbly and I managed to do th FA of the extension to Abacus. The extension adds five more moves and ends high up on a jug I called the new boulder Logical Progression and graded it V13/8B. After a quick rest I did the FA of another new line. The other new line does another Existing problem Called Flegm but finishes at the same point as Logical Progression I also graded it V13/8B and called it Progressive Aggression. My mate Ren got both the new boulders on Video so ill try and get them up here soon.


Lee Cujes said...

Hey Chris, is the name any reference to Dai Koyamada's famous 9a sport route Logical Progression?

Dave K said...

Excellent send, congats Chris. I had faith!

There's getting to be quite a few chris-crossed lines there now so it'd be nice to update one of the online topos of Crumbly ;)

Duncan said...

Booyakasha my brother, was some awesome sendage indeed. Will have to post pics and footage of the awesome dancing from later that evening too ;) hahaha

Lee - pretty sure its not the case, its just a reference to the fact that the other probs finished on a hold in the middle of the wall where as these new ones progress on to finish on a logical finish jug a few moves higher ;)