Monday, November 5, 2007

Fast Gramps Trip

What a weekend!! Me Alan Pryce and Mark Withers Jumped in a car and hit the road headed for the Grampians. We left early on Friday morning with a breakfast and lunch to go made by the lovely Christina Bedard. We arrived in the Grampians and met up with some good friends. The next day we woke up to RAIN RAIN and more RAIN but our spirits were high and we were all keen to see each other succeed on or climbs. First stop was project wall MANA V13 I had one quick shot on Mana but fell with the last hold in my hand I treid again but the rock was getting wetter and wetter from all the rain so we decided to call it a day and go to The Cave. The Goals for the cave was For Mark to do Sleepy Hollow V12 and Allan wanted to try The Wheel Of Life V16.
Mark Warmed up and went for his first shot he pulled onto the first holds and looked really confident and before we knew it he was hanging on the last hold with a smile on his face “Well done Mark”. Alan was next. Alby warmed up and was looking really smooth and strong (as usual). He sat down at the start of the cave and went for it. He was half way out the Wheel when his Knee made a nasty crack, he treid to keep climbing but it was to sore to keep on going so he had to step off but hopefully he will be back to crush The Wheel in the future.

The next day we woke to more RAIN AAAARRRHHHH…. So we went to the kindergarten to try two problems one of the problems had been done a day before by a friend Christian Core from Italy. Christian called the new problem Gaida. Gaida is to the left of nevin Rule and its an amazing boulder. The other problem was still a project and is also to the left of the Nevin Rule.
Alby was out for the rest of the trip with his knee injury so that left Me, James Kassey and Mark to try and come away with another send for the trip. James had tried the project before and was Quick to send it Calling it So You Think You Can Dance and graded it V12. Me and Mark tried the problem a few more times and I had some success on the problem (i also think its about V12) and i think its one of the best problems in the Grampians.
We headed back to camp and made a decision to pack up early and head back to Sydney as the weather was also not looking so good for the next day.So the trip was good but wetwetwet

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