Saturday, March 15, 2008

Europe coming but little problems coming to

Well I was training really hard and I was feeling in really good shape but the other day while I was bouldering I strained my A2 pulley in my ring finger I have been to Dr Julian saunders and he seems to think it will heal in time for my trip in April 5th so thats great but it means I will probally be out of shape for the world cup in Hall (Austria) but we will have to see what happens.The 2nd round of the bouldering series was held at the pitch climbing Gym on the weekend and I was not able to compete due to my finger but the comp was a great success with about 150 people showing up to have a boulder.
In the mens Open
Tom Farrell was first followed very close by Marc Edwards and then in third was Alan Pryce.
In the Open woman
Sam Berry berry comfortably took First place followed by Christina Bedard and Carly LeBreton for third.
Congrats goes to The Pitch for running the comp and a shout out to Nathan Harowell for all his efforts in getting the series going again.
Ill keep ya posted with the finger strain.

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