Sunday, March 30, 2008

One week to go

battle of the bulge

well i will be leaving for europe this weekend.
Ill be flying to Austria with my mate dave and renting a flat in Innsbruck for a while.
My finger is feeling heaps better now a little weak still but im trying to train as much as i can befor i go.
I have even been on the rock a bit latly and everything is starting to feel good again.
I hope i will be in good enough shape to go in the first world cup in Hall, Austria.


Grogal said...
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Duncan said...

Hey man, have a good trip, shame we didn't get to catch up before you left, but all good. Rip it up while your there and give that sexy young devil Mr Pearson a big kiss from me ;-)

Keep in touch man and have a safe trip guys!


Salar said...

See Please Here

Michael Wynack said...

Hey hey, its Michael wynack here. I just stumbled across your site (cool pictures). Just wanted to say G'day & good luck with your trip. When are you goin to be back in town? shoot us an e-mail if you and teagan want to catch up for a beer or something. By the way congrats with the getting married.

have a safe trip, Do us proud.