Saturday, May 10, 2008

Still In Europe And Loving It

well im back in Innsbruck again for a wee rest but mainly to boulder in the Zillertal as its getting to hot for Ticino and magic wood. I have only had one rest day since 28th april and my fingers are always bleeding. I have been meeting and climbing with soo many cool chaps and lases and its been really nice.
since the 28th april I have climbed
4- V13\8B
7- V12\8A+
4- V11\8A (two of these are flashes)
and many more easyer problems.
Now i am finally feeling strong again so I am really happy. Its getting really hot here now so i will boulder in the Zillertal for a while. Ill keep u posted on my doings over the next little while.
Have a nice day

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Duncan said...

Good to see your having a blast bro :-)

But I demand more frequent blogging and more updates on the adventures of your devilishly handsome sidekick, Mr Pearson.

Much love from Canberra,