Friday, October 31, 2008

Working in QLD
I'm still in QLD working. I've been up here for nearly 3 months now saving money up for my trip. Me and Teegan have booked our tickets for our next trip and I'm psyched. We leave early January for an 8 month climbing trip. First stop is USA to boulder for just under two months and then we will be heading to Europe where we hope to rent a place in Innsbruck (Austria), after 5 months in Europe we are heading to South Africa to sample the Rock lands. Cant wait its gonna be mega.
So for now its just Training Training Training with a bit of work chucked in. Ill be back in Sydney in another few weeks to do some more training/working before we hit the road.
See ya out there amigo's


Lee said...

Hey Chris, if you'd like to get out on a rope while you're in QLD on some hard things, give me a hoy. I'll be back from Kalymnos on 20 November. Cheers, Lee. upskillclimbing AT

Chris Webb Parsons said...

hey Lee
Thanks so much for the offer mate but ill be heading back to sydney on the 22nd and im working flat out up until then so i only really got time to train train train after work. but when im back from europe ill be keen to see more of the climbing in QLD thanks again mate, have fun in K