Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grampians Trip Rap Up

OK well This 3 week trip to the Grampians was one of the best yet. My goal for this trip was to climb Sleepy Rave v15 which I managed to climb in the first week, so that was really good. The next goal was to try and climb the wheel of life v16. I tried to climb this long problem for the remainder of my trip. I came very very close to climbing the wheel but was unsuccessful this time. I fell at the very end 12 times from the start, so i hope to go back there soon and climb it but we will see.

Problems I did this trip were Seepy Rave V15. Under Siege V13. Killer Dwarf V11 (FLASH) and Green Destiny V9.

On our way home from the Grampians we stopped in at Canberra for a boulder competition. The comp had really good Prize money and was a good event to finish the trip. I was leading going into the finals and also won the finals although i was not feeling my best on the day i was happy with how I climbed.

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doug said...

Congratulations on your win in the Rock Festival Chris. I competed in the masters in the morning and came back later to watch you and the other open finalists fight it out. There was some great climbing but it was hard to know which way to look with all finalists climbing at the same time! Anyway, well done. And I hope you get the Wheel of Life ticked next trip. Cheers, doug