Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Grampians Agian

well looks like I'm going to the Gramps again next week to try the wheel.

I'm going down there for 4 days its a long way to go for 4 days (13 hour drive) but hopefully it will be worth it.

I will compete in the Oceania onsight comp and the Australian nationals this weekend even though i have not been climbing routes, well the wheel is a long problem but i don't think it involves much endurance, i mean when i was climbing routes and had good endurance i could not get close to the wheel and now that i have been bouldering I'm really close its crazy i think you need a good mix. Stay tuned for more updates.
Thanks to Justin Roth for the photo


Kakis said...

Congratulations Chris! You finally sent The Wheel of Life!!!!! You must feel soooooo relieved :)

Stephen said...

Dude, be thankful man, 13 hrs in the US is a short trip. That's probably why we yanks use to much gas. lol. Oh and Also, CONGRATS! on being one of the very very very Few V16 level climbers. Since everyone has seen how hard it was on "Forte" noone can dispute!

Alton G. Richardson said...

Hey congrats on sending V16. I can't even imagine a climb of that calliber. Very inspiring. Thank you for that.