Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Week Gone By

Toping out on Lovers tiff V10 FA
The new Cliff
Another week gone by and its getting hotter and hotter. I went to crumbly and wanted to try a new line that I thought would be cool, The line goes from Mushi brain V8/9 and into the start hold of Abacus V12. Instead of figuring out the moves going into Abacus I sat down at the start and had a shot I fell of near the end of Abacus but new I could do it pretty soon so I had a quick rest and went for another shot,I got to Abacus and felt good and went for it I nailed it perfectly and sent the new problem packing. I called the problem SUGOI apparently it means excellent in Japanese and I have graded it V13.

Also this week I went to a new bouldering area at Balmoral. This cliff is little but it has a few cool problems I did the first accent of a new problem on the far left of the cave that i flashed I called the problem Lovers Tiff. I think its about V10 There is a left exit to the same problem that i think is about V8


Dave said...

Nice work mate. Have you noticed there is a hold further up and to the right of the end of Abacus? It is very dyno-able, and from memory a pretty good hold. Anyway, it might bump the grade, or otherwise it was the intended finish to Double Vision. Have a go, if anyone can do it, you can.

Adam Lincoln said...

hey chris, how do you get to this v10 at balmoral? Thanks, Adam