Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I have climbed the cave! after many years of dreaming about climbing this amazing piece of rock I have Finally done it. its so crazy 68 moves long and every move is a classic.
I went down to the grampians for a short 4 and a half day trip with mark and Tilly.
We went up to the cave on our first day. I warmed up a little walked to the back of the cave sat down looked to the skyline where the finishing holds where and went for it.

I had fallen 13 times right at the end moves on the wheel, but this time I hit everything perfect and I was standing on top of the cave. I could not believe it, it was an amazing feeling and ill never forget that feeling.
Mark got the actuall send on video so check back here for a link to the video soon.


Kakis said...

Oh man! I'm so happy for you! Can't wait for seeing the video.

Zenn said...

Heya Pundi massive efforts on the Wheel dude.

Duncan said...

* bow *

Now go take the 'Chris(t)Is King' photo.... it fits now ;)

Climbing Narcissist said...

Awesome work!

Cameron Barrie said...

Well done mate. Stella line so happy to hear one of you lads finally did it.

Panjoka said...

Incredibile. Bravo. One of the worlds best. Can you tell me how tall are you? What is your opinion? Is the wheels of life easier for taller or smaller climbers?