Monday, June 9, 2008

Back in Home

My bed for the night in the airport

I’m Back in Australia after 2 months in Europe. When I arrived back I was tired and a little sick from all the travelling we did as we had such a mission. We left Innsbruck on Tuesday morning to drop the car off in Munich in Germany then got on a plane and flew to Vienna back in Austria and we had to find some place to sleep for the night as our flight left at 9 30pm the next night, so we found an emergency exit stairwell in the airport and slept there for the night (well tried to sleep anyway). The next day we waited and waited and waited for our flight to finally be called and finally at 930pm that night we boarded our flight and headed home to Australia via Korea where we had to wait for another 5 hours so after 3 and a half days of travelling we finally arrived home to Oz.
Back in Australia a lot has been happening mark Edwards and Sam berry opened there new bouldering gym called The Bloc Climbing Centre and its really really good lots of fresh new holds and great walls with many different angles and shapes. So now between The Pitch and The Bloc I now have the best indoor bouldering in Australia close to my home so I hope now I can get stronger and stronger.

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