Monday, June 9, 2008

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea V13/8B
My dog Annie telling me good work after climbing Deep Blue Sea

Since I got back 4 days ago I have been climbing almost every day but yesterday I had a really good day as I went to a new crag in manly I think it was found by Phil Staples? The main cave that I bouldered in was pretty small but the rock quality was really good and the position of the cave is perfect it’s about 10metres from the ocean and if you are keen you could have a boulder and catch your lunch at the same time.
The line out the middle of the cave was still a project and it is a perfect line with about 8 moves in the roof to 5 moves on the head wall. It took me and mark Edwards a while to figure out how it would work but when we figured it out it was time to have a shot I climbed the new line pretty fast calling it Deep Blue Sea I think it V13/8B but a nice and solid one. So go and have a go and tell me what you think?


Dave said...

Awesome Chris. Now that you're back I should unload some projects on you. I think Phil will be psyched to see this done ;)

Phil said...

That's Awesome Chris. I assume you started right in the back and had to get your feet a bit sandy for the first moves. I really like this line and will keep trying occationally (just in case it gets easier...). You don't have video of your sequence do you??? the photo kind of looks like you might be using a different hold to what I thought was most likely.

Anyhow, Good on YOU!

Chris Webb Parsons said...

hey Phil
yep i started as far back as u can go on the two little finger slots with my left foot on the sand hold and right foot on the solid bit of rock,. I have the send on HD video but its just getting edited by Nathan so when hes done with it ill send it ur way for sure. the hold im using in the pic with my right hand is an intermediate and then i get double toe hooks on the under cling and then go right hand again to the hold over left hope that makes sense??????. Great problem mate Thanks for making it public

Stuart said...

Nice tick Chris - A great problrm at a low volume high quality crag. Theres a load more bouldering further round pass Reef Beach that was developed by Matt Kelly and some others. You follow the trail past Reef beach and after the 2nd bush regeneration sign you take the short trail left out to the cliff edge and drop down to the rock platforms. You keep going right past the first chossy big cave with grafitti in it and the next bigish cave you find has a classic gastony V10 put up by Matt and some hard projects too. Theres more stuff as you walk round rightwards with a black pockety with some cool stuff too. The rock is chossy in places but the problems are solid mostly. Worth checking out if you want a change.