Monday, June 9, 2008

World Cup

We left Innsbruck in the morning in convoy with the Austrian team and we arrived at Grindelwald in fine time and we decided to spend the night sleeping out on the street and surprise surprise I had a really bad night sleep and felt like shit in the morning I went straight into isolation and tried to catch up on some sleep in there. My turn to climb came around after a few hours stuck in isolation and I still felt like rubbish I went out on the first boulder and flashed it but I felt terrible. problem number two had a really nails mantle in it and I got my ass kicked problem three was better and I should of flashed it but my heel popped of and I fell after a few more shots due to my foot slipping again, I eventually toped the bloc, problem four was crazy I got the zone hold but could not even come close to getting the next hold and no climber did any better than me on this boulder it was set much to hard, problem five was I really crap problem with I got the zone hold but could not get much further as I felt shit. I think I could have done a lot better if I did not feel so bad but I will have to wait for next year to find out if I can do any better now. In regards to the route setting for the comp I thought it was some of the worst route setting I had ever seen and climbed on as did a lot of other competitors in the comp I hope next year they will do a better job. So as I did not make the semi finals I went to magic wood and had a nice day of bouldering in this amazing forest I did not climb to much but did manage to flashed snow storm 7C+/8A so that was cool.

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