Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mountains Session

After climbing indoors at the comp on the weekend it was time to get outdoors and climb. I went to see my mate Ben Cossey for breakfast and some general chit chat about Climbing Rocks, Guitar playing and Life. It was then time to stop talking about Climbing Rocks and actually go and do it. So I went to Mini HaHa for a wee boulder. I wanted to try a problem called Missing Sync 8A+/V12. The problem is sooo rad it was first climbed by the ever strong Garth Miller a few years ago and it has what I believe to be some of the coolest and best moves and holds in the Blue Mountains. I had tried the problem before but I had never tried the boulder when the conditions were good and today although the sun was still on the wall the holds felt better than I had ever felt them before and after a while trying to figure out how to climb this amazing problem I had the last hold in my hand and was a very happy chapy.

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